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Kansas City Southern Lines (Prrp-001) Reference
Kansas City Southern Lines (Prrp-001) Reference
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Kansas City Southern Lines (PRRP-001)

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Product No.: PRRP-001
Title: Kansas City Southern Lines
Author(s): Marre, Louis A. & Sommers, Gregory J.
Illustrator(s): N/A
Publisher: Paired Rail RR Publications Ltd.
ISBN: 0965189694

Condition: New

Binding: Laminated Pictorial Boards (Hard Cover)
Dust Jacket: None
Edition: 1st Edition
Publication Year: 2005

Features: 192 Pages with Colour Photos.

All-colour photo album covering the locomotives and rolling stock that could be seen on the Kansas City Southern/Louisiana & Arkansas railroads from the 1950s through to the 1980s. Detailed captions provide the background information with the photographs capturing the different liveries to be seen over the years.

The premise of this book is simply to provide documentation in full colour of the equipment and operations of the Kansas City Southern/Louisiana & Arkansas during that period when colour film of various types became widely available for amateur use. This present photographic record is one of the KCS/L&A in its "Siamese Twin" form, and stops just about at that point in time where the L&A quietly disappeared.

What will be found here is a colour photographic record of the motive power, rolling stock, and train operations of the KCS/L&A during the association of William Neal Deramus II and III with the Company..


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