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Refund Policy

1 We check and test our product when it arrives and before it leaves the store.
1.1 Train World Pty Ltd and its staff test and inspect all goods that arrive on the premises of Train World Pty Ltd.
1.2 No goods or product go on the shelves of Train World Pty Ltd until they are processed, checked and tested.
1.3 No electric locomotives leave the store or are sold until they are tested on the test tracks at Train World Pty Ltd and perform satisfactorily or as expected.
1.4 All NEW goods are covered by manufacturer’s warranty.
1.5 All USED, SECONDHAND, COMMISSION and NQR goods and products are sold as is. Train World Pty Ltd tests, checks and inspects the goods and products andprovides photos or descriptions to the best of our ability BUT these goods and services carry no warranty, implied nor suggested, in any way.
1.6 There is no refund, swap or exchange on USED, SECONDHAND, COMMISSION or NQR products. These are sold as is and it is buyer beware.

2 Requirement of NEW goods, supplied and sold.
2.1 Goods must be of merchantable quality and must meet a level of quality and performance that would be reasonably expected based on price and description.
2.2 Goods must fit there intended purpose or what they were made or described to do
2.3 The goods must match the description given to the consumer,
2.4 The seller must be entitled to sell the goods and to give the consumer clear title.

3 Refunds
3.1 Train World Pty Ltd stands behind all new goods and products it sells as all goods and products are checked and tested on arrival into the store and all electric locomotives are tested on our test track before they are sold or sent out.
3.2 Train World Pty Ltd must be informed of the intended refund within a fair and reasonable time and before the customer has used the goods or products.
3.3 It is the customers responsibility to make sure the goods or products intended for refund are returned to Train World Pty Ltd and that they be returned as received, complete and intact with manufacturers packaging.
3.4 For a refund to be considered proof of purchase must be provided first. This should be in the form of a receipt or invoice with the items listed on the receipt or invoice.
3.5 A refund will only be issues in the form of which the original payment was received. That is if the payment was made aby a credit card then the refund will be to that credit card. Cash refunds will only be for proven cash purchases and in person only.
3.6 Refunds in the form of store credit or credit to a Customer account is acceptable.
3.7 There is no refund, swap or exchange of used, secondhand, commission or nqr goods and products (see also 1.5 and 1.6)
3.8 All refunds are time sensitive and will be considered inline with statutory obligations.
3.9 Items returned or intended to be refunded that fall outside a reasonable time frame may still be eligible for fix, repair or replacement under the manufacturer’s warranty.
3.10 All goods and products intended to be refunded or for which a refund is sought must be sighted, checked, inspected and reviewed by Train Wold Pty Ltd before the matter or refund will proceed.
3.11 Any costs incurred by the customer to return the damaged or faulty goods to Train World Pty Ltd is at the customers expense. Train World Pty Ltd will cover the cost of returning the replacement model/refund to the customer after it has been repaired, replaced or refunded by Train World Pty Ltd.

4 Right to refuse a REFUND for NEW goods and products
4.1 Train World Pty Ltd does not give a refund because you have changed your mind.
4.2 Train World Pty Ltd does not give a refund for goods and products that are of merchantable quality or that are fit for purpose.
4.3 Train World Pty Ltd does refund goods or products that have been opened, used, damaged or had or has an obvious fault.
4.4 Train World Pty Ltd does not give a refund if you discover you can get the goods or product cheaper elsewhere.
4.5 Train World Pty Ltd does not give a refund where a defect or fault is described or brought to the buyers attention.
4.6 Train World Pty Ltd does not provide a refund for goods or products that have been damaged by using them in a way they were not meant to be used.
4.7 Train World Pty Ltd does not give a refund on goods or products damages in transit.
4.8 Train World Pty Ltd does not give a refund for goods and products damaged in the post or by a freight/postage service provider. This is what insurance is for.

5 Customer obligations.
5.1 The goods or product must be complete, intact, unused and undamaged.
5.2 The goods or products must not have been misused or used in a way that they were not intended to be used.
5.3 The Customer must prove the goods or product were purchased from Train World Pty Ltd, at Train World Pty Ltd we insist on a receipt or invoice for proof of purchase, without one of these a refund is unlikely.
5.3 The Customer must have taken good care of the goods or products.
5.4 The goods and product must be as the customer received them, complete, intact, with the box, with all packaging, with all paperwork, with all instructions, with all parts, with all accessories and with nothing damages, disposed of, missing or destroyed.

6 Force Majeure
6.1 The Company will not be liable for any refunds, repairs or warranties due to any matter or thing beyond the Company’s control (including but not limited to unlawful entry, hacking, break ins, fire, flood, earthquake, acts of God, strikes, lock-outs, wars, riots or civil commotion, intervention or public authority, explosion or accident).

7 Waiver of Breach
7.1 No failure by the Company to insist on strict performance of any of this policy is a Waiver of any right or remedy which the Company may have, and is not a waiver of any subsequent breach or default by the Customer.

8 No Assignment
8.1 Neither the policy, nor any rights under the policy may be assigned by the Customer without the prior written consent of the Company, which is at the Company’s absolute discretion.

9 Severability
9.1 If any provision contained in this policy is held by a court to be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable, the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions are not affected.

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