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Esu-51970 Esu I/o Expansion Board 21-Pin Mtc Controller
Esu-51970 Esu I/o Expansion Board 21-Pin Mtc Controller
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ESU-51970 ESU I/O Expansion Board 21-Pin MTC

  • $83.20 AUD

21-Pin MTC Adapter Board

With this expansion board you can easily expand your LokPilot or LokSound decoder (with 21MTC interface!): All you need to do is to plug the decoder onto the expansion board and benefit from using 4 additional function outputs (AUX5 through AUX8) for lighting effects, coupler etc. In addition, you are able to connect 2 RC-servos! The 5V voltage needed (for this) will be also provided. The highlight of the expansion board is surly the control electronics for synchronised smoke units. You just need to install an ESU smoke unit (from Class 215) into your locomotive that allows to generate synchronised steam chuffs or Diesel smoke.

With the help of the LokPilot / LokSound decoder all functions can be controlled in a direct way and are fully integrated into function mapping. The board measures 15.5mmx 30mmx 5.5mm (0.61 x 1.18 x 0.22 inch) and has therefore the exact size of a LokSound decoder.

The module can be directly plugged into a 21MTC interface of a loco (if enough height available) or freely wired via its cable connections.

Suitable for 21MTC (not MKL) decoders from generation 4.


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