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A London Trolleybus Experience (Ir672) Reference
A London Trolleybus Experience (Ir672) Reference
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A London Trolleybus Experience (IR672)

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Product No.: IR672

Title: A London Trolleybus Experience
Author(s): Fairhurst, Doug
Illustrator(s): N/A
Publisher: Irwell Press

ISBN: 9781906919672

Condition: New
Binding: Softcover
Dust Jacket: None
Edition: 1st Edition
Publication Year: 2014

Features: 76 Pages with Colour & Black/White Photos.

What is a Trolleybus? In essence it is a bus that runs on rubber tyres (as a normal road vehicle) but is powered by electricity collected from overhead wires by way of a pair of poles (correct term being booms). It is not like a tram where the power is collected by a single collector and the return of the current is through steel wheels running on steel rails laid into the roadway.

The trolleybus gives slightly more flexibility than a fixed tram route in that it can overtake or negotiate normal road vehicles but is still limited to the route of the overhead wiring. Of course, unless on a separate 'track', they cannot overtake each other - thus the old saying, another convoy on its way". London had one of the largest fleets of trolleybuses in the world and at its peak had about 1


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